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24 August 2008 @ 12:09 am
Kaizers header tutorial  

Creating this header:

-Made in PSP8.
-Moderate difficulty.

Begin with this texture by ohfreckle. Resize as you'd like.

Add your main photo and place it in either the lower right or upper left areas, which are largely blank. Probably adding a colored border to "define" the space would be best. Luckily, mine already had a black one.

Set the image layer to Darken, 100%.

I didn't like all the texture showing through the white areas of the image, so I duplicated the image, cranked up the contrast and brightness (you'd ahve to experiment here) until only a few colors remained. I then placed that layer beneath the darken layer and set it to screen and adjusted the opacity so that just the right amount of the base texture showed through the white areas. Hopefully that made sense :/

Then add your secondary image, like the one I placed along the right side, and crop it as you'd like. Greyscaling a color photo is what I'd recommend, but maybe a colored image is more to your taste. Experiment :)

Then set that image to Lighten, 100%. I added a 1 pixel white line against the inner edge because I love...definition. This is optional, of course.

I then took this texture, a slightly altered version of the one by tralala_icons. Flip, mirror, do whatever you'd like to position it as you'd like and set it to screen. Or, if you'd like, invert the colors and set it to multiply for a black outline.

I then added several brushes in order to make it appear older. Splatter, scribble and waterstain brushes all work well for this. I did each stamped brush on its own layer, in black and set to overlay. Burn works well, too. Adjust the opacities as you'd like.

I also used this masking tape brush (by ?) in #DBD69F along the edge of the main photo. Simply leave the mode on normal and adjust the opacity for an authentic look.


Add these light textures (by ?), resized as needed, and set them all the lighten. This part is highly up to you. Adjust and position them as you prefer (I adjusted the saturation on some to tone down the color intensity), erasing specific areas where you'd like. You might also like to try other light textures.




Add text, tiny text, other textures and brushes, etc. that you'd like and you're done :)

I'd love to see any results you might get.

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Cearesceares on May 15th, 2011 02:09 am (UTC)
love this, easy to follow and great outcome. memming.